Calibration Services

Reliable Calibration Service Programs custom designed to meet your Process and Quality requirements from regular calibrations, to process certifications, to validation and Process verification. Zoom Automation is the industry leading expert based on Experience, Quality Standards, Flexibility, and Customer Service.

Instrumentation Services

While many Calibration Service providers focus only on the testing and calibration of the instrument, Zoom Automation’s professional staff of technicians and engineers are also experts at designing, installing, programming, tuning and trouble-shooting almost any control instrumentation or system.

Instrumentation Services include:

  • Installation of Instrumentation and Controls (single device to full plant automation)
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Repair Services
  • Calibration
  • Loop Checks
  • Specialty Testing Services
  • Communication Systems (Radio, Phone, Modbus, Fieldbus, Ethernet, …)
  • On-Site Staffing (Long Term, Short Term, Part-time)
  • Project/Outage Staffing (Engineers, Technicians, Helpers)
  • PLC & DCS based Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Reverse Engineering of Control Systems

Project & On-site Staffing

Zoom Automation has been providing professional services to various industries including Automotive, Water & Waste, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Gas Processing, Heat Treating, Food Processing, Machining & Metal Working, Aerospace, General Manufacturing, and many more.

Outage Support: Zoom Automation’s technicians and engineers are dedicated and highly trained to support your outage needs whether you need one technician or a large crew of technicians and helpers, Zoom Automation is ready to support your needs.

  • Demolition of control systems and panels
  • Installation of panels and instrumentation (including wiring and tubing)
  • Instrumentation Bench and Field Calibration
  • System Loop Checkouts
  • System Start up and troubleshooting

On-site Staffing: Zoom Automation can support your needs by placing temporary and permanent technicians and engineers at your plant site to support your Process Control, Instrumentation & Calibration requirements. Zoom Automation’s dedicated and highly skilled team of technicians and engineers will integrate into your process needs and your staffing goals. Zoom Automation’s on-site staffing programs allows you to focus on your primary processes and places the focus on Zoom Automation to provide training, recruiting, systems, human resource needs, and other issues which pull you away from your primary responsibilities.

Zoom Automation has flexible programs and pricing models to best meet your instrumentation and process control requirements.

PLC Systems

PLC systems are by far the most commonly specified pieces of hardware for process control and automation systems. From the simplest micro PLC to complex multiprocessor configurations, as PLC system hardware advances and become more flexible, so does the supporting communication and network architectures.

As the list of system components and possibilities expand, it becomes ever more difficult to select the optimum hardware for the application. As selection of fundamental system hardware can mean the difference between success and failure of a project, Zoom Automation’s System Engineers knowledge based approach to PLC design and programming insures a successful installation.

Zoom Automation’s System Engineers have worked in PLC systems integration for many years and believe we have unparalleled experience in all aspects of PLC based control.

Our familiarity with PLC system hardware from all major manufacturers including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Automation Direct, Mitsubishi, GEFanuc, Modicon, Telemeqanique and many more ensures that we will always select the optimum system and design for your application.

Coupled with our diverse industry experience, our vast product knowledge ensures that our customers always receive a quality product, on time, every time.

SCADA & DCS Systems

Do you:

  • Need to Monitor and trend a process variables?
  • Need a Wireless point to point monitoring or controls?
  • Need Panel Design and Build Services?
  • Need to Control the operation of your process from a central location?
  • Need automatic controls to start/stop/control process equipment based on set point?
  • Need advanced process controls and remote communications?

Regardless of your process monitoring and controls needs, Zoom Automation can assist in designing, integrating, and installing a process control system for you. Our extensive experience in servicing process instrumentation and controls has given Zoom Automation a knowledge base of the best practices to implement a successful solution.

Zoom Automation utilizes scalable “Open Architecture” hardware and software solutions to allow you the maximum flexibility to adapt as your processes and technologies evolve over time.

Our Engineers have the experience, knowledge and training in the integration of various process equipment and instrumentation to develop the optimum SCADA solutions including:

  • Water and Waste water Treatment Facility Automation
  • Collection Systems monitoring and control
  • Water Distribution monitoring and control
  • Furnace monitoring and control
  • Conveyor System monitoring and control

System Maintenance Program

As more and more PLC and PC based control systems are installed, the need for a Service Driven Company to maintain these systems has grown. Zoom Automation has developed the SCADA Maintenance Program to meet the growing needs of the Municipal industry.

Zoom Automation has applied our years of service experience to develop a comprehensive program to maintain and optimize your SCADA system. We have combined our highly skilled personnel, our advanced knowledge of Process Controls, our commitment to Quality and our Customer Driven Service Philosophy to create our highly customizable System Maintenance Program service. The System Maintenance Program is a Routine Service Program were we partner with our clients to maintain long-term reliability of the SCADA System. Give Zoom Automation a call and let us develop a comprehensive and cost effective program for you.

The System Maintenance Program’s 10 step process is designed to increase system reliability while improving usefulness to operators. Routine On-site service visits by our Service Engineers allows Zoom Automation to work with you to maintain and optimise your Control System. During the service visit the Engineer will perform the task listed above, make minor system/screen changes as requested, and report overall system condition. Additionally, Zoom Automation engineers are available for remote connection to your system (via secured access) at No Additional Cost.

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